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Vegetable terrine, beautiful and delicious

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Doesn’t it just look beautiful to have a nice colourful vegetable terrine served on a bed of salad as a starter. Or to bring some colour on your plate, as a accompaniment to another dish. This recipe will bring some colour to the eye and pleasure to your taste buds.

This vegetable terrine is very easy to make, it will just need a good bit of preparing. Chop everything before starting. Keep in mind the setting time, which will be in total about 6 hours. It’s a great dish to make in the morning and serve with dinner!

You can use a whole range of vegetables, and start mix matching different flavours and colours. I have used a lot of herbs in this terrine, as it really adds to the flavour, it is okay to ‘over’ flavour this terrine, because it will ease down in the final taste. You can add a salad, tomatoes or even a spicy sauce with this terrine.

What to drink with a vegetable terrine?

decorative glasses of white wine

When I think of the vegetable and herby flavours of this terrine, I tend to go towards an aromatic medium bodied white. Like a Sauvignon blanc, or maybe an Italian Fiano. You could try the excellent Sauvignon Blanc’s from the Marlborough region in New Zealand, or a Sant Bris, the only Sauvignon Blanc appellation in Burgundy. Delicious!

It’s great fun to make terrines, as you can show off your artistic skills. You can take it as far as you like 😉 Make sure to add @haricoco1 to your Instagram post. I would LOVE to see your creative terrines. ENJOY!

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