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Vegetable terrine on herby tomato sauce with celeriac

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Roasted vegetable terrine plated with celeriac sticks, and puree

Great dish for dinner parties! As everything in this dish is very easy to prepare ahead except for the last-minute baking of the celeriac fries. This dish reminds me a bit of a ratatouille, because the main ingredients of the terrine together with the tomato sauce gives you that same warmth as a ratatouille does. The presentation is just a bit more interesting 😉

I balanced the flavours with the warm espelette spice in the fritters, and freshness in the celeriac/apple mash. I like to use a lot of thyme and rosemary in the tomato sauce, because it goes so beautiful with the vegetable terrine. This terrine has no agar-agar in it. It is purely and only vegetables (with the use of a heavy weight, in order to put long term pressure on the terrine)

wine with a vegetable terrine

glass of red wine held in front of city lights

Like mentioned before, this vegetable terrine goes flavour wise very much towards a ratatouille. So you could stick with the ratatouille suggestions, like an Australian Shiraz, a Rhone Syrah, or an Italian Chianti. Or go for the more green herbaceous Carmenere from Chile. which would match the herby flavours well.

Let me know what you think of this dish, and if you changed any of it’s ingredients while cooking. A little Tip might be, to add some glazed mini-onions to the dish, that might bring an interesting sweetness to the dish. I will put it on my list for my next experiment 😉 I always LOVE to see your pictures. Make sure to add @haricoco1 to any of your Instagram pictures. And have FUN creating and editing….

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