Vegan stroganoff soup

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A delicious, rich and warming vegan stroganoff soup. Great as a comforting meal or as a energising lunch. Originally the classic beef stroganoff comes from Russia. But it has become so popular all over the world, that nowadays you can find many variations of stroganoff.

Like this incredible vegan rendition of a Stroganoff soup. It is rich, full and with deep umami flavours. I have used a mixture of mushrooms in this recipe; button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and some chanterelles. These mushrooms give it a nice deep umami flavour, and meat-like textures. You can easily just use button mushrooms, instead of the mixture.

Vegan stroganoff soup and wine pairing

glass of red wine close up , blurred city background

This is the type of soup with which you can grab your red’s out of the cellar. I wouldn’t go for a deep and heavy red. But a nice, fruity pinot noir or a young gamay (beaujolais) would match these mushrooms beautifully.

This soup is great the way it is, with a piece of nice rustic bread to accompany. But it is really nice as well with a good spoonful of cashew sour cream on top. It is very easy and quick to make. You can find the sour cream recipe in my ‘baked potato with cashew sour cream‘ recipe.

I hope you enjoy this hearty wintery vegan stroganoff soup. I would love to see your instagram pictures of this recipe. Make sure to add @haricoco1 to your pictures.

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