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The very best vegan mayonnaise

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There are many ways to make a vegan mayonnaise, and I use different methods at different times. But this recipe is no doubt the best one of all. It takes a bit of time, because of the cooling time in the fridge. But it is worthed! This mayonnaise you can easily keep in the fridge for 4 weeks, as long as you keep the base mayonnaise without added herbs, or garlic.

This mayonnaise is creamy, rich, tangy and smooth as velvet. You can easily transform this base mayonnaise into a garlicky aioli, a herby spread or the most perfect tartare sauce. It is really the perfect thing to always have ready in your fridge.

I normally make 1 big jar of the base mayonnaise, which I keep in my fridge for weeks, and transform to any other nice dip when needed. As long as you don’t add any garlic, herbs or spices you can keep it in the fridge for at least 4 weeks.

Transform your vegan mayonnaise into the perfect Tartare sauce

In another recipe post you can find an easy tartare sauce, which is absolutely delicious and super quick to make. But if you have a bit more time and want to take your vegan tartare sauce to the next level, than I would suggest using this recipe. Check out, the ‘notes’ below the recipe to make the perfect vegan tartare sauce to accompany your vegan fish and chips, or use it as a vegetable dip at a party.

Vegan mayonnaise a must have in the fridge to accompany so many different dishes, sandwiches and wraps. Spice up your vegetables with a vegan aioli, or make your own perfect vegan tartare sauce. Get creative, and Enjoy this creamy, rich and smooth mayonnaise.

P.s. The nutrition table shows the nutrition value of 1 large bowl (about double the amount as you see on the picture)

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