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The famous Moroccan ‘kefta’ tagine, veganised

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My vegan rendition of a kefta tagine

This dish definitely belongs on the top 5 list of most common and popular dishes in Morocco. A kefta tagine are meatballs served in a delicious tomato sauce. So to veganise a kefta I just had to change the meatballs to ‘non-meat’ balls.

However there is one big difference in the cooking process. Normally the meatballs are cooked in the tomato sauce. I could not do this with the vegan meatballs. They are primarily made with chickpeas and mushrooms, so they would simple just fall apart while cooking in a sauce.

So therefore I baked the vegan meat balls separately, and added them to the sauce only for the last 10 minutes.

The vegan meatballs

For this kefta tagine, I chose to make the vegan meatballs with chickpeas and mushrooms as main ingredients. But this kefta tagine can easily be made with my ‘Aubiballs‘, which have Aubergine as main ingredients. If you do use the aubergine recipe, I would recommend to change the spices (such as; paprika powder/smoked paprika/cinnamon/cumin), and the herbs (coriander/parsley). Because it is all about getting the Moroccan flavours into this hearty dish.

Traditionally you eat the kefta tagine from only one tagine pot. The tagine is placed in the middle of the table. With pieces of Moroccan bread (Khobz) each person scoops out some meatballs with sauce. This is one of the reasons why the size of the balls are quiet small. It is a great dish, and a fun experience.

Try this delicious veganised kefta with your friends, and serve it with the easy to make Khobz bread. Interested in some of my other Moroccan recipes? >> check out;

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This vegan kefta tagine is part of ‘Travels of taste‘. Where use our taste buds to travel the world and discover the use of our senses and imaginations to meet other cultures through food. Check out all the flavours Morocco has to offer in my full Moroccan ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> Morocco – the flavours of the souks.

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