Easy vegan cheesecakes

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Wow these easy vegan cheesecakes are so delicious, and so very quick and easy to make. Great to pre-make for a dinner party, as you can easily make them ahead of time, and just leave in your freezer, while your are entertaining your guests. The only thing to remember is to get them out of the freezer about 15 minutes before serving.

In general I am not big on desserts, simply because I don’t have a ‘sweet tooth’. But these cheesecakes are always a treat. especially because they are so easy to make.

Pimp up your vegan cheesecakes

These cheesecakes are really easy to pimp up with any flavours or fruits. I always like to add some fresh berry puree to my cheese cakes, but you can add any other flavours, like peanuts (peanut butter), caramel, chocolate, lime, or vanilla.

Some ideas;

If you like Chocolate, just add cacao powder to your mixture filling, and maybe add some crushed cardamom seeds to your crust made with un-skinned almonds (very nice).

Or if you like your cheese cake to be very zesty, add some lemon or lime zest to your filling.

Orange can work very well with some red fruits.

Or make a Christmas style one, with orange, cinnemon, and star anis flavours, Topped with red currants.

The base can be made as well with almonds or hazelnuts, and as mentioned already above, you can easily add some spice to it, especially with chocolate that works very well

The possibilities are endless. For the crust, as for the filling.

Which size to go for

This recipe is made for 4 round cheese cakes of a diameter of approx. 6-7 cm. (2.5inch), but you could make this vegan cheese cake into a rectangle shape, and cut some nice bars to serve.

Or double the recipe for a small round cake. You can easily adjust this recipe to the size which works for you. It is a very ‘forgiving’ recipe, just keep in mind to stick to the same balance between cashews and coconut milk and oil as is noted in the recipe, otherwise you might find it doesn’t set well.

Enjoy these super easy vegan cheesecakes, and find your own favourite add-on’s. Let me know which ones you used, and add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, I always love to see new creations of existing recipes.

The original recipe of these delicious cheese cakes comes from the queen of all cheese cakes; Dana Shultz, from Minimalist Baker.

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