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I have tried many different veggie burgers, but this one is definitely one of my favourite vegan burger recipes. The texture is perfect for frying or even on your grill or bbq, it does not fall apart. And the smokey flavours really add to the ‘burger experience’.

I always like to use my own home made bbq sauce, but of course you can use a shop bought one. The home made bbq sauce I use in this recipe uses ketchup, for a healthier option you can use your own fresh tomato paste.

This vegan burger is very easy and reasonable quick to make. The rice and the lentils need to be pre-cooked and cooled down. But honestly I often just make these burgers when I have left over rice in my fridge anyway. The recipe uses brown rice, but I often use wild rice, or any lightly sticky rice.

How to use this delicious burger

On my recipe picture you can see that I have used this burger with some roasted vegetables, hummus and bread. Personally I am not a big fan of the classic burger bun. But of course you can use this recipe to make your perfect burger on a bun, with salad, sauces, and accompaniments, like a bbq coleslaw.

burgers on a bun

This recipe makes 2 good size burgers.

You could make them ahead, and use them for your BBQ garden party. They grill beautifully on the bbq. A great and easy party bite!

This vegan burger goes great with many sauces;

Enjoy these burgers in whichever way you like to eat your burger. Add @haricoco1 to your instagram pictures, as I always love to see your creations of my recipes. Or feel free to comment below.

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