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What a delight to finally have created a vegan bourguignon recipe which I am really pleased with. It all started with a request from one of my Instagram followers.

The request / challenge was;

‘I am a flexi-veggie but trying to eat more and more veggie/vegan food. However, when it comes to this time of year, I start craving meat pies and hearty casseroles. The thing that gets my taste buds dribbling the most at this time of year is a good beef bourguignon simmering away in the oven. So my challenge for you is to come up with a vegan, or even veggie substitute for this rich and deeply satisfying French winter dish. Can’t wait to see what you come up with’ ⁠

She had told me in another message that she does not like mushrooms, in any shape or form.

So, I started experimenting. Living in France where the classic beef bourguignon is a dish taken very seriously by the locals and French cuisine lovers. So I had to put all my efforts in to try and recreate the deep, rich, and complex flavours of a true bourguignon.

Mushrooms are known for their deep umami flavours. But as there are many people who have a dislike for mushrooms I wanted to come up with a bourguignon without the use of mushrooms. So I went for aubergine. 🙂 They have a beautiful, tender (almost meaty) texture, and aubergines soaks up all the flavours in which they are cooked.

So two times a winner.

I made some trials and ended up with two different bourguignons, one with mushrooms, and one completely without the use of mushrooms. I was very happy with the outcome of both of them. But the recipe in this post is actually a combination of the two of them. I took the best of both, while creating this recipe. But for those who don’t like mushrooms, it is very easy to leave them out, with the use of a little bit of miso paste.

Traditionally this dish is served with potato, but feel free to substitute them with rice or pasta. Dishes change as time changes, … and in my opinion that is okay! As long as you leave the red wine in. 🙂

Vegan Bourguignon and wine

red wine

Red goes with red. This dish would beautifully pair with a nice deep, powerful red. Even though the dish traditionally comes from Burgundy. I wouldn’t necessarily pair it with a Burgundy wine. More so with a deep Rhone-blend (Syrah, grenache, mouvedre) full of black fruit flavours. A good bordeaux or a characterful red from Faugeres would also match nicely.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. I love to see your creations, please make sure to add @haricoco1 to your instagram post of this recipe. Vive la France! Sante!

I have posted & linked my Bourguignon recipe also to #cookblogshare

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