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Sweet potato dhal, nutritious and delicious

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sweet potato dhal

I love making a dahl every now and then, and my favourite one is definitely a sweet potato dahl. The sweetness of the potato works very well with all the Indian spices.

This dahl is not only super easy and quick to make, but it is full of nutrition. A great pick me up lunch, or dinner.

Of course you can enjoy this dahl with a bowl of rice of your choice, or stir some rice though it. I often have it with just some rustic bread, or fresh chapati’s. If you are interested to make your own chapati’s, check out my page ‘love for bread‘ to get the recipe.

Feel free to add any of your preferred vegetables. It is a dish which you can easy adjust to your own liking. Use kale instead of spinach, or add some more heat by using fresh chilli pepper sliced. I always like to balance the sweetness and spice with some acidity, that is why I season it with some lime juice. But this as well is only personal preference. Taste and decide for yourself to use it or not.

What to drink with a dahl?

white grapes in field

I personally am as much of a beer lover as a wine lover, so I tend to reach more for a nice cold refreshing beer with spicy dishes, than a glass of wine.

But a nice full rich white wine would work here as well. Think of a rich full Chardonnay, or one of the Languedoc blends (or rhone valley) like the roussanne / marsanne blends.

Create yourself this easy and quick feel good dish, and feel on top of the world! Let me know which adjustments you made to this sweet potato dahl. I am always interested to hear, and see your creations. So, add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, or comment down below. ENJOY!

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