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Stuffed mini pumpkin with puree and mushrooms

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plated stuffed mini pumpkin with mushroom and puree.

This stuffed mini pumpkin will bring you right into the Autumn spirit. It has all the warmth and nuttiness you can expect in an autumn dish. It would be great if you can get all these lovely ingredients fresh from your area, but if not, don’t be afraid to substitute with your local produce. In the ‘Notes’ you can find some tips and ideas which flavours to add to this dish, as I kept the original recipe with minimal ingredients.

Pumpkins, chestnuts, and mushrooms are a beautiful combination. They give warm, nutty and sweet flavours. Who doesn’t like that on a rainy autumn day? Together they create very comforting dishes. On top of that a pumpkin is very nutritious. Especially rich in vitamin A, which helps us with our immune system. Which is exactly what we need during the autumn months.

If you are a pumpkin lover like me, have a look at some of my other pumpkin recipes. Like the pumpkin and chestnut soup. And just recently I made a delicious pumpkin risotto (no rice), I will upload the recipe soon on this site.

Stuffed pumpkin and wine pairing…

5 glasses with various wines

This dish is strong in umami flavours because of the use of various mushrooms, this normally could match well with a Pinot noir from burgundy. Preferably an aged pinot noir in which they mushroom aromas have evolved. If you do prefer to go for a white, it will have to be a fuller bodied white, like a age oaked Chardonnay or a Pinot gris from the Alsace region.

Please make sure to add @haricoco1 to your Instagram photos, and let me know about your own creations of this dish. I always LOVE to see your photos and ideas. This dish has endless possibilities to work with. Enjoy!

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