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Spring onion (scallion) pancakes, crispy and chewy to perfection

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scallion pancakes on a white square plate served with spicy soy sauce

What a start of the day! These spring onion pancakes, or scallion pancakes are often enjoyed as breakfast in China. Absolutely delicious! I adore them , and often make them at home. I do have to admit that personally I choose them to eat around lunch time.

These crispy and aromatic pancakes are available all around China, often to be found on the street markets. Though the texture of these pancakes differ from region to region. In some regions they prefer the well layered crispy ones, and in other regions you will find more chewier textures. But on the whole they are delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰

The making of…

It might seem quiet a task to make these scallions pancakes, but ones you understand the rolling technique it is really not that difficult. And most of the preparation time, is actually resting time for the dough.

After the kneading and the resting of the dough, the dough should be easy to roll out. Dust some flour on your work surface and on your rolling pin. At this stage it is really not that important that the pancake has a perfect round shape. See picture

Preperation of spring onion pancakes.

I have used coriander in these pancakes. Most commonly only the green from the spring onions is used. But as I am a coriander addict, I throw some in everything in which it is suitable ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then the rolling and tucking technique might seem a bit odd. But is significant for the creation of the texture and flakiness of the pancakes. Think of ‘layers’, creating multiple layers.

After again 20 minutes resting, you press gently these rolls down with your fingers and palm of the hand. Without using too much pressure, this is where you shape your spring onion pancakes.

The cooking & frying is quick and easy.

Enjoy these Spring onion pancakes with dips.

Ideas for your dipping sauce;

  • soy sauce, or tamari
  • spring onion, sliced thin
  • water, if you want it less strong
  • rice vinegar, Chinese vinegar, or sherry vinegar
  • maple syrup, agave or brown sugar
  • toasted sesame oil, or chilli oil
  • red pepper flakes, and/or grated ginger and/or garlic

Spring onion pancakes are part of my series; ‘Travels of taste‘. Where we use our senses and imaginations to discover other cultures. Today we find ourselves in China. Get ready to discover all its flavours. Check out my full China ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> China, It’s all about FOOD!

I hope you enjoy these Chinese spring onion pancakes as much as I do. Show me your favourite pancakes by adding @haricoco1 to your instagram post. So we can all share and inspire each other. Thanks!

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