Smokey celeriac soup

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I absolutely love celeriac! And I think this very nutritious vegetable deserves more credit. Super healthy, low in fat and calories, and most of all very delicious and versatile. This celeriac soup I have combined with smokey paprika, which works magic together.

The flavours of this dish are warm and earthy. The smokey paprika gives it a bit of an East-European feel. I love soups like these to warm me up and give me some comfort on cold days.

The celeriac soup is super easy to make. You just let everything simmer, cool, blend, and reheat. The only real work is a bit of chopping. Which does remind me to tell you to de-skin the celeriac well. Meaning that the outer layer has to be well removed, which means that you have to cut quiet a bit away in some areas. Otherwise you might end up with a bitterness in your soup.

What to drink with a celeriac soup?

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I think the creamy celeriac together with the smoked paprika in this dish would pair well with an aromatic white. Think of an Alsatian Gewurztraminer. Or a muscat like the Goldmuskateller from Italy, which is thick and musty. Or the spice fragrant musk from the Malvasia might be your preferred option. If you prefer red; this dish could pair as well with a spicy, earthy but young red. Like a light red from the Languedoc region in France.

Enjoy this soup with a nice piece of rustic bread, or sourdough bread. If you make this recipe; add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, or comment below. I love to share our creations.

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