Roasted parsnip & roasted garlic soup

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This roasted parsnip and roasted garlic soup, is delicious and rich. I love the nutty flavour of parsnip, which is sweetened because of the roasting process with syrup. It is a beautiful blend of flavours.

An all time favourite, roasted garlic! Every time i turn the oven on for roasting, I throw a head of garlic in. If it doesn’t get eaten with the dish, than it gets eaten in following days. I often just spread it on a piece of bread, and have it as a little snack. Great with some good quality olive oil.

In this dish it just adds to the savoury sweetness of the dish. The parsnip and garlic go beautiful together, and make a perfect flavoursome blend.

Roasted parsnip soup and wine…

wine barrils

Wine pairing with soups is never really easy, as you are pairing two liquids, so the weight and textures have the same factors. But that makes it even more interesting! With this soup a light, fruity pinot or beaujolais pairs well. Because it is lighter in body than the roasted vegetable soup so it doesn’t compete with each other. But funnily enough from a whole different area and different characteristics, a nice amontillado sherry might just pair beautiful with the sweetness and nuttiness of this dish.

Great wintery soup to try on a cold grey day. Let your day be sweetened with this delicious nutty, savoury and sweet roasted parsnip & garlic soup. If you use this recipe; Add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, or leave a comment below. Sharing food gives inspiration.

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