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Moroccan orange & almond cake, a no-fail recipe

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Vegan orange & almond cake

This orange and almond cake is really easy to make, and it is an all-pleaser. The spices give it the Moroccan feel together with the orange blossom water which I always like to add.

This cake is very moist and slightly sticky. It provides for a easy sweet treat after an flavourful Moroccan meal. You can pimp the cake up with decoration, but it is perfectly acceptable to serve it plain.

The shape doesn’t really matter. It works as well in a loaf shape tin as a round cake tin. I even made these cakes in small muffin trays one time. You will just have to adjust the cooking time slightly, and it will be as delicious than the big cake.

Try this easy Orange & almond cake in any shape you like. Add @haricoco1 to your instagram post. I always love to see your creations.

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