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Mini mushroom wellingtons, delicious, hearty and easy!

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A great wintery lunch, or dinner with accompaniments. These hearty mini mushroom wellingtons are delicious and easy to make. You can make 1 mini wellington per person, or you can double the recipe and make 1 big wellington.

If you do prefer to make 1 larger wellington, just double or triple the recipe (easy with the amount garlic 😉 ), and line your large roasted mushrooms in the middle, completely covered with the paste. Wrap up your wellington using two sheets of puff pastry.

Other wellington options…

I have done some trials with this recipe, with the use of aubergine instead of the large roasted mushrooms. Which is absolutely delicious as well. Just pan fry 0.5cm / 0.2″ slices of aubergine in vegetable oil until they are nicely browned. Dry them on a paper towel. When ready to construct your wellington, follow the recipe as below. Use your walnut,chestnut and mushroom paste as the first layer, put the aubergine on top in a tower of two or three slices and put another layer of paste on top and cover it all around.

vegan aubergine wellington

The aubergine wellington are in texture less firm than the mushroom wellington and they are sweeter in taste. It is very personal which one would be your preferable one, I noticed that ‘sweet-tooths’ tend to prefer the aubergine one.

Wine pairing with mushroom wellingtons

red wine poured into wine glass

I always seem to say that in general most vegan dishes pair better with white’s and rose’s, and that you might end up with a stack of unused red’s in your cellar. But,… here again, I would opt for a Red though. With all these beautiful mushroom flavours a light pinot noir would be the perfect pairing. But you might go for another young, fruity red Like; Beaujolais or Primitivo.

If you feel like a healthy, vegan and hearty winter dish, check out these mushroom wellingtons. If you do use this recipe, please add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, or leave a comment down below. So we can all enjoy vegan food sharing!

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