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Moroccan breakfast with vegan Msemen

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Moroccan breakfast
Moroccan inspired breakfast table

Moroccan breakfast with Msemen

Msemen take me right back to all those delicious Moroccan breakfasts I have enjoyed during my travels. You will always see them on the breakfast table, to be enjoyed with jam, honey (or syrup for vegans) and a cup of fresh mint tea.

Traditionally these delicious Msemen are full of butter (between every layer). For the vegan option I often just substitute this with olive oil, but in this recipe I used vegan butter instead. This does give it that extra richness. The recipe is for 6 small msemen, but you can make 2 large msemen with the same amounts.

In Morocco you can find Breakfast Msemen filled with cheese. Or savoury Msemen for afternoon snack. If you do wish to use any form of filling, just spread it over the dough before folding, and fold it with the filling.

I have to be honest this is not the ‘lightest’ breakfast you might find, but it is delicious and a great start of the day. So Enjoy!

Imagine yourself looking out over the atlas mountains while enjoying these Moroccan flatbreads. Please remember to add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, so we can inspire each other with our breakfast tables 😉

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This Msemen recipe is part of my series; ‘Travels of taste‘. Where we use our taste buds to discover world dishes. Imagine to walk through the hustle & bustle of the souks, and discover the flavours Morocco has to offer. Check out my full Moroccan ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> Morocco – the flavours of the souks

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