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Pizza, Mediterranean style!

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Who doesn’t like a pizza every now and then?? Make your own at home with whichever toppings you like (or have in the house). Great for a ‘Leftovers Sunday’ or as a party snack.

Or if your hosting a kids party in your house, this is a great way to get children involved in cooking. They can create their own pizza’s and enjoy them afterwards. Activity & lunch sorted!

The dough…

The dough is very personal , we all have our own favourites base. Thin, thick, crunchy or ‘bready’.

When I go out for a pizza, I would always choose to go for the classic Italian thin base one, preferably from a wood fired oven.

But, I don’t have a wood fired oven at home. And to be honest, I don’t make that many pizza’s, maybe 3 to 4 times a year. So I don’t even have a pizza-stone (baking stone) at home. In my small kitchen my space is very valuable. So when I started testing different doughs, the dough in this recipe I liked most for my ‘at home equipment’. It is easy to work with, and never failing.

What to drink with a pizza?

five wine glasses with different wines

Wine pairing with a pizza totally depends on the toppings. In this case it is a very Mediterranean topping with roasted peppers, courgettes, onions, and olives. So this pizza is very versatile for wine pairing, you can go from a light red (pinot noir, merlot, light tempranillo) to a medium bodied white (chardonnay, viognier, albarino), but the most classic wine pairing, and for me the big winner, is a Rosé!

So give it a try! and become your own pizza baker. Send me your creations on Instagram by adding @haricoco1 to your post. Have fun! and ENJOY!

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