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Welcome to my kitchen. My kitchen is a small but functional kitchen. I am the type of cook who never follows recipes (except for anything to do with patisserie). I look last minute what is in the fridge, and I start cooking. To be honest, those last minute cooking actions result most often in the best dishes.

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Creating recipes…

So for me it was quiet a task to actually make and create recipes which are easy usable for my readers. I had to start measuring, and use measuring tools. I have kept most recipes very minimalistic, with easy to get ingredients. Food that you cook in your own home. For an easy quick lunch or dinner, but as well for dinner parties and special occasions. In the ‘notes’ section of my recipes you can find tips to adjust the recipes to your own liking.


I get my inspirations from Restaurants, my favourite pastime 😉 The many great chef’s I used to work with. Cookbooks, and other interesting recipe site’s. I never follow a recipe completely. Whenever I am researching a certain dish I typically read about 10 recipes, and start cooking. Mix & matching until I get the desired outcome. I am a great believer in only using local produce, there fore I adjust most recipes to my local & seasonal produce. I don’t only follow vegan/vegetarian cooks, I get my inspiration from everywhere, also from omnivores, in which case I will try and veganise the dishes.

A few of the sites I find very pleasant and inspiring to browse around are;

I can still probably add lots of other inspiring cooks. Like The Bosh Boys, Woon Heng, Rabbit and wolves, Jamie oliver, Gaz Oakley. Etc. Etc

My kitchen equipment…

I am not a big fan of lots of gadgets, as I simply don’t have the space for it. I like to keep my recipes simple and easy adjustable for all likings. The only electric tools I do regularly use are;

  • Magimix 4200XL
  • Simple electric whisk
  • Old fashioned Hand blender
  • Small electric coffee grinder (which I don’t use for coffee, but for spices)
kitchen work bench.
Dinner planning

Essential ingredients for vegans

Very basic ingredients to always have in your cupboard;

  • Pasta (egg free)
  • Rice
  • Noodles
  • Other grains like; quinoa, spelt or bulgar
  • Garlic
  • Sea salt and peppercorns
  • A good selection of spices (cumin, coriander, chilli, paprika hot and sweet, turmeric, nutmeg)
  • Olive oil, and other vegetable oils of your liking
  • Nuts and seeds (incl. ground flaxseeds, and chia)
  • Plant-based milk, with added calcium
  • tofu
  • Lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs
  • Dried fruit
  • Maple syrup or agave syrup
  • Peanut butter
  • Tinned ; chickpeas, lentil, beans, tomatoes, coconut milk.

Why this basic ingredient list?

When you get hungry and you haven’t prepared anything, nor even thought about cooking. It is very easy to make a quick, nutritious and tasty meal with some of these ingredients.

  • Having dry good like; grains, pasta and noodles can create a good satisfying meal in no time.
  • Garlic, salt, pepper and spices are great to flavour your meals to your liking.
  • Nuts and seeds are not only very nutritious, but also great as snack food. Like dried fruit, which can be a great snack and take care of your sugar cravings.
  • Plant based milk can be used for breakfasts, smoothies, added to soups and purees etc.
  • Peanut butter is fantastic as an energy booster, and it is magic in texture and flavour. I find home made the best ones.
  • Legumes; Even if you prefer to use dried pulses, it is always handy to keep a few tins in your cupboard, for the unexpected moment in which there is no time for soaking.
  • Of course fresh fruit, veggies, and herbs are essentials in any diet.
  • Tofu, tempeh or seitan are great sources of protein and should definitely be an essential, in my opinion.
  • And for all the sweet-tooth’s out there maple or agave syrup is a must in their cupboards.

To broaden the vegan cooking experience, you might want to add;

  • Nutritional yeast; a great source of B12 it enhances flavours and is great for ‘cheesy’- sauces.
  • Miso paste; great for the Umami flavourings.
  • Cashew nuts; the base ingredient for many smooth & creamy sauces
  • Olives and capers; That is just my Mediterranean side 😉
  • Seaweeds or nori sheets; Great for wrapping, salads, and a fantastic source of omega-3
  • Silky tofu; to make easy and quick sauces, or to make anything more ‘silky’
  • Soy-cream; to give a more creamy texture to your dishes.

I truly hope you will enjoy my recipes, and start experimenting yourself with them. Because for me cooking is all about creating, experimenting and having fun. I love to see your results. Let me know what you think of the recipes, and which changes you made while cooking.

You can find all my recipes, in ‘vegan recipes’ with their related sub categories.

I have used this area as well to talk briefly about my other ‘kitchen’ passions. Like;

Please feel free to contact me if you like any advice, or have any suggestions on these subjects.

Have  fun!! And don’t forget to tag @haricoco1 if you post your results on Instagram. I Love to see your creations!

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