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I love cooking and I love hosting, but I always find there is so much to Enjoy within ‘the world of creating deliciousness’. So just as a small addition I have written 3 posts about my passions directly related to my love for good (vegan) food.

These posts will probably be updated regularly, because I keep on exploring new recipes and interesting food / drink combinations.

Enjoy food & Wine pairing

So in this section you will find my passion for wine pairing. I find this an extremely interesting subject and studied this to the professional Level 3 of the WSET. Especially because we all taste different, and there fore there is no right or wrong. But with pairing food & wine we aim to find the ideal combination in which the wine has a positive effect on the food, and the food has a positive effect on the wine. Which requires a lot of tasting, fortunately!

The best foods are enjoyed with good fresh bread

I love bread! In all kinds and shapes. And one day I might dedicate a whole website to it. But for now I have written one post with my favourite breads, including some short recipes. As I don’t go into details in these recipes, please feel free to contact me if you get stuck. I will be more than happy to guide you through it.

It’s magical! Home Beer Brewing

I started beer brewing in 2018. And now every winter I brew on average 4 or 5 different style beers. I really think brewing beer is just magical. You start with water and malt, add some hops, and you end up with the most amazing self brews. Of course the process is not that easy, nor quick. But the ingredients are that simple! I have written a post on one of my brew days. And soon I will update this page with a recent brew.

I truly hope you will enjoy this added information, and start experimenting yourself. Because for me it is all about creating, experimenting and having fun. I love to see your results.

You can find all my vegan food recipes, in ‘vegan recipes’ with their related sub categories.

And please don’t hesitate to contact me for any suggestions or questions!

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