Fruity & Boozy dessert

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bowls of fruit with bottle of banyols, grand cru

A fruity and boozy dessert, is just the perfect end of a long warm summer dinner outside on the terrace. Melon goes absolutely beautiful with a good Banyuls or ratafia. But add any other summer fruits to your liking. On the picture you can see I added fresh strawberries, super delicious.

This dessert is my ‘cup of tea’ , as I don’t have a sweet tooth for most desserts (yes, even rich chocolate desserts). I do love this one, especially on a hot summer day. The fruit makes it refreshing, and the fortified wine makes it warming and comforting. It is a dessert greatly appreciated by all guests. Please do keep in mind not to serve this to under age guests, as there is a fair bit of alcohol in it.

Try it, it is absolutely delicious, and super easy! You can prep it in advance, let it chill while dinning with your guests, and just serve and ENJOY!

*ONLY for 18+ years old (USA 21+)

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