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The most creamy and delicious sweet potato curry

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This sweet potato curry is so yummy delicious and comforting. I cannot get enough of it! The balance between the sweetness, the creaminess, and the spice, completely ticks all the boxes. So with this dish you can and will impress all your friends and family. And the greatest thing is; It is so easy, quick and simple to make!

I am normally the type of person who prefers using whole spices. But at the same time, sometimes I just have a last minute inspirational moment, and I just want to start cooking. Which is exactly what happened with this dish. So I used ground spices. But the next time I will make it, I will probably use whole spices, and even improve this delicious curry. I will let you know in the comments below 🙂

Wine with sweet potato curry?

wine in glass near bottle

This dish would balance well with an aromatic viognier. Or if you are looking for a wine with higher acidity to cut through the creaminess you might want to try a Pinot Gris from the Alsace, which are generally fuller bodied than the Pinot Grigio from Italy, which in this case would balance the flavour intensity well.

I have chosen to have plain basmati with this dish, but of course there are many other options. Check out as well my chapati’s in the bread submenu, which would be a great accompaniment with this dish.

This creamy coconutty curry has endless mix and match options. You can read some ideas in my notes in the recipe below. And adjust it to your personal liking. I would LOVE to hear what you came up with, let me know in the comments below. If you post your sweet potato curry photo’s on Instagram, make sure to add @haricoco1. So we can all ENJOY and share our inspirations.

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