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Crispy tofu with sate sauce

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Yummy! One of my favourite dishes. Crispy tofu with sate sauce! I am not a huge tofu fan, I only really like it when it is crispy. For me, preferably baked golden crispy in the oven.

But then the sate sauce…

I adore sate sauce 😉 And could just eat it on top of everything! Or making it into a peanut soup, which I soon will post the recipe for,… promised!

During my travels in Indonesia, I have eaten sate sauce every single day and tasted all different varieties. Sweet ones, spicy ones, soy sauce based ones. There is no one single recipe for sate sauce, because it all depends on how you use your sauce. The crispy tofu with the smooth rich sate sauce is just a perfect combination in flavour and texture.

So go crazy, feel free to invent your own personal favourite sate sauce! Everything is possible, don’t be shy.

In this recipe I have used coconut milk in my sate sauce, because I love the combination of peanuts and coconut. But you don’t have to use coconut and just use stock, water, or a plant based milk to thin your sate sauce.

I always like adding some ginger to my sate, but again this is no must. You can add your own preferred spices. I make my sate with home made peanut butter. Why? Simply because it’s better, and oh,.. so easy to make. Just make sure you have a good, powerful strong food processor. Chuck in the peanuts, and blend…

What shall we drink with this dish…

glass of craft beer

Personally I would actually prefer to drink a nice craft beer with this dish. And even though beer is in general considered a better pairing with this type of dish, that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t pair at all with a wine. In this recipe I have made the sate sauce quite creamy by using coconut cream. I would go towards a low alcohol white wine, with high acidity. A Chardonnay, Alsatian Pinot gris, or maybe an Australian Semillon.

If you are a lover of sate sauce, than go ahead and go for it. There is no need to make a sate sauce more complex than it is. Get your base ingredient, which is peanut butter, and start experimenting. I just love the flexibility of sate sauce. Please add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, as I would love to see your creations, and learn about your favourite sate sauce.

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