Creamy artichoke, fresh peas & mint soup

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Artichoke soup with fresh peas and mint. So delicious and nutritious! This comforting, warming soup is so creamy, though no cream has been used in the process. I love artichokes when they are in season. They do take a bit of time preparing, but are very rewarding (for your body and soul 🙂 )

Peas and mint go hand in hand together, but with having the artichokes as your main vegetable you can easy substitute the mint for thyme, and rosemary, which go very well with the artichokes. In this occasion I kept the mint.

I made the vegetable stock myself, as home made vegetable stock is so much superior in flavour than the cubes or powders. This particular one I made with adding a good bit of white wine to the stock, which works beautiful with the artichokes.

wine in glass near bottle

Because of a natural chemical in artichokes, called cynarin, artichokes can be difficult to pair. If cynarin detects sweetness in a wine, it will enhance it, by which it becomes too sweet, and flabby. So best to go for a bone dry white, with green apple and citrus flavours. Like a Basque Txakoli, or a dry sauvignon Blanc. Or sometimes I find it quiet pleasant to have a sherry with a soup, in this case a dry fino.

This artichoke soup is a dish with which you can easy play with different flavours. It is great fun to try, create, and play in the kitchen. Let me know if you came up with some interesting combi’s. And send me some pictures on Instagram by adding @haricoco1 to your posts. Thanks! and ENJOY

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