Comforting Courgette, tomato & basil soup

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This soup is a very Mediterranean-style version of a courgette soup. With the addition of tomato and basil it tastes like you find yourself sitting in a sunny Italian garden.

It is a great soup to enjoy for lunch with a nice piece of rustic bread and a salad. But it would work great as well as a starter for your Mediterranean themed dinner.

Healthy and super easy to make. You can make a batch and freeze it, so you have always a comforting and healthy soup ready.

Courgette soup with a little added vegan pesto

I always like to add texture to any of my soups. Today I chose for some pan fried cherry tomatoes. Of course you can roast them as well. Which if you have the time (which I didn’t) is probably a lot nicer. The real difference is made with adding a little tiny pesto on each tomato. Yummy!!

I like to use my own ‘super simple to make’ vegan pesto, because I like to know exactly what is in it 😉 Check out this simple pesto recipe.

But of course you can use a shop bought vegan pesto.

The pesto does really make a difference to the whole courgette soup experience. It pairs beautifully with the soup and the tomatoes, and makes it overall more interesting.

You might want to serve it with a bowl of pesto, so you can spread some on your rustic bread as well.

This courgette soup is great to have ready in your freezer. It is nutritious and comforting. You can use any other topping like; seeds, croutons, or a drizzle of plant based cream. Enjoy! And please add @haricoco1 to your instagram post if you use this recipe. I always love to see the creations of others.

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