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Chinese miso & mushroom soup

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This comforting Chinese miso and mushroom soup is easy and quick to make. And super light if you want to watch your calories.

I love it when the mushroom season starts, I tend to eat everything with a ‘mushroomy’ touch for weeks. I like using fresh mushrooms, as they still have the perfect crunchy texture, and are full of flavour.

This soup is all about the flavour balance and the textures. I would definitely recommend using a home made vegetable stock with dried mushrooms, for this recipe. It will give a lot of depth to the dish. Don’t try to make it with a stock cube or powder, it will take away to whole essence of this dish.

What to drink with a Chinese soup?

glass with beer

Okay, Spicy foods, not the easiest foods to pair a wine with. And I have to be honest for me personally, I love a nice cold beer with this soup. But if you are not a beer-lover, than try these wine suggestions; First of all, if a dish, any dish, is spicy stay away from the high tannin and high alcohol wines. You might want to stay away from oaked wines as well. With many Asian soups an aromatic vouvrey or viognier would work well, but in this particular dish (full of mushroomy flavours) I would recommend a red wine. Like a light Burgundy red (pinot noir), Or a gamay, young and fruity.

I love to eat this Chinese miso and mushroom soup with some home made baozi. But if you are in a hurry, a nice piece of home made bread will do as well. I hope you enjoy this soup as much as I do. Of course you can adjust some of the ingredients to your liking. Have fun with it! and remember to add @haricoco1 to your Instagram pictures of this soup. ENJOY!

This Miso soup recipe is part of my new series; ‘Travels of taste‘. We use our taste buds to travel the world and discover the use of our senses and imaginations to meet other cultures through food. So today we find ourselves in China. If you are ready to imagine yourself travelling through China whilst discovering all its flavours. Check out my full China ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> China, It’s all about FOOD!

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