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Black garlic spelt with broccoli, a deliciously nutty dish

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I love Black garlic spelt as a lunch dish. The spelt grain is naturally very nutty, which matches great with the broccoli. It is a very healthy and filling dish. It provides good nutrition and lots of energy to continue your day.

The black garlic used in the dish, gives it a beautiful sweet, tamarind like flavour. Together with a tasty home made vegetable stock, and a good big splash of white wine, it really gives a beautiful subtle flavour to the spelt.

Some people don’t like the chewiness of spelt. I personally think it adds to the experience of this dish. However long you will cook the spelt grains, they will always remain slightly chewy. It will normally take 30-40 minutes to cook the spelt.

You can choose to reduce all the liquid, by letting it continue to cook uncovered for the last 5 minutes. But serving it with some of the liquid is delicious too.

Main ingredients;

  • spelt grain
  • broccoli
  • vegetable stock
  • white wine
  • black garlic
  • thyme
  • almonds, or any other nuts or seeds for topping

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a fermented garlic. Aged under very specific conditions, with heat and humidity. It was first used in Asian cuisine, but has now become popular in the USA and Europe.

black garlic

The strong garlic flavour is completely softened after ageing. It produces a mild, almost caramel like flavour. You cannot substitute black garlic for white garlic. The flavour is incomparable. In general you will need to use a lot more black garlic then you would normally use regular garlic in a dish.

Black garlic can be eaten alone, in sauces, crushed in vegetables or you can make a vinaigrette with it. It has a very subtle flavour. You can kneed the black garlic into a paste, and dissolve it in a little bit of warm water. You can use this dark coloured water in a potato puree, or other neutral dishes.

Black garlic is used in many of the top-end cuisines.

Black garlic & spelt…

For me, black garlic is great to make spelt grains just a little bit more interesting. In this dish the spelt grain is the main ingredient, accompanied with the stir-fried broccoli.

But you can use black garlic spelt in many more ways. Sometimes I just sprinkle a little over roasted pumpkin (works wonders with pumpkin!), or I add just a little to a salad (as a topping). It is very particular in flavour and texture, and therefore more often used just as a accompaniment or topping instead of being used as a main ingredient in a dish.

You can make the black garlic spelt and keep it in the fridge for 4 – 5 days.

A glass anyone?

bunches of blue grapes in vineyard

I ‘ll keep it simple. This dish really just works best with a nice fruity young red. Think of a young fruity pinot noir, or a young gamay.

I hope you can find some black garlic in your local area, so you can start experimenting. It is such a beautiful subtle product to work with. Let me know what you came up with in the comments below, or add @haricoco1 to your instagram post.

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