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Make these delicious ‘1000 hole’ pancakes (Beghrir)

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beghrir with jam
Beghrir, a thousand hole pancake

Beghrir, a thousand hole pancake

I love these tender, spongy, melt-in-the-mouth pancakes. They are a great Moroccan breakfast, traditionally topped with a mixture of butter and honey, but evenly delicious with jam or maple syrup. For me they are an unmissable part on a Moroccan breakfast table.

The yeast in the batter makes the batter to bubble while cooking. This is how it gets all the holes, and therefore this amazing spongy texture. Beghrir is always cooked on one side. It only take a few minutes, when you see that the batter is not wet any more on the top you know your Moroccan pancake is ready.

An important part of the cooking process is not to swirl the pan around like you would do with a crepe. Just pour in the batter and leave it. You can decide on your preferred size. Make multiple small Beghrir, or one or two large.

Beghrir keep well if they are wrapped in plastic and left at room temperature. Enjoy them as an afternoon snack or keep them for your next day breakfast.

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