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This BBQ Coleslaw is a delish on your favourite vegan burger, as a side dish with your vegan BBQ or just on a sandwich. It goes with almost everything and you can make it as hot or mild as you would like it.

For digestive reasons I always prefer to cook any cabbages instead of using them raw. With this recipe I roast the cabbages, and this releases already BBQ type of flavours.

For the BBQ sauce you can just hop to the shop. But making your own BBQ sauce is really easy , and so much healthier. For the most healthy option use a home made tomato puree instead of ketchup. Same story for the mayonnaise. I know there are lots of vegan mayonnaises on the market, but really making your own is so much better 😉 . And because no eggs are used in the process, the home made mayonnaise keeps well in the fridge.

Have a look in my recipes for easy & quick BBQ sauce, and home-made mayonnaise.

You can add some extra tang by adding more lemon or lime in the dressing. Make sure to add @haricoco1 to your Instagram posts using this BBQ coleslaw. So we can share our ideas. Enjoy!!

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