Basic vegetable stock

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This recipe is probably the most important addition to the Haricoco kitchen page. I always have a vegetable stock in my fridge and freezer ready for use, because it truly changes the level of your dishes.

During the week I tend to keep any off cuts from vegetables that I can use. And every week I make a big pot of at least 2 litre of vegetable stock. I use this in many different dishes, like; Risotto’s, paella’s, soups, and just adding a splash to any stir fries, noodles, or curries makes a world of a difference to the dishes.

For me, there is simply no comparison with a home made vegetable stock or the shop bought cubes and powders. Try it for yourself. Home made stocks enhance your dishes and bring them really to a different level of cooking. And once you get into the habit, it doesn’t take any time at all. I often put a big pot on in the evening, let it sit overnight, and drain it in the morning.

Stock or Broth…

To be honest, I always find this a bit of a tiresome discussion, but I do want to mention it. Technically I should use the word broth. But as English is not my first language (which is Dutch), the word ‘broth’ just doesn’t sound as smooth and easy to me. Stock and broth are mostly used interchangeably, unless you are talking to the professionals. But for those who want to know; Officially a stock is made by long time simmering of bones, which releases the collagen. So every vegetarian/vegan stock, is actually technically speaking a broth.

So get your stocks or broths on the go! and change the finesse of your dishes. Let me know if you came up with some interesting ingredients to add to the basic stock. Add @haricoco1 to your Instagram posts, or comment down below.

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