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Basic vegan gnocchi, to create your own favourite dish

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These vegan gnocchi are so easy to make, there is no excuse any more not to enjoy your own favourite gnocchi dish.

The making of vegan and delicious gnocchi is really easy. You just need some potatoes and flour, and maybe a pinch of salt.

Which potatoes to use for gnocchi

For gnocchi it is best to use starchy and floury potatoes. Check your own local area which work best for you. Normally the russet (also known as idaho) potatoes work best, as they are very starchy and low in water.

The less water you will have in your potato mash, the less flour you will need to use and this will make the fluffiest gnocchi. This is as well the reason why it is better to bake your potatoes instead of boiling. Which doesn’t mean that boiling doesn’t work. I still sometimes boil my potatoes if I just want to be a bit quicker.

The best thing to use for mashing your potato is a ricer. Again this just makes the fluffiest gnocchi. If you don’t have a ricer, just mash your potatoes as fine as you possibly can. Some of the larger garlic presses might work as well to rice your potato.

Boiling your vegan gnocchi’s

The most important thing while boiling is not to over crowd your pan. Use a large pan with steady boiling water. And cook your gnocchi in batches. There is no better way of having your gnocchi fresh, but if you want you can let them cool down and they will keep in the fridge for 3 – 4 days.

Just some ideas on how to use your home-made gnocchi’s

So now you have your own home made gnocchi, but what to do with them? You could just use them in a salad with tomato, olive oil and basil. Or have them with some avocado, olive oil, and seeds or toasted nuts.

Or make your favourite pasta sauce, like;

There are many different options on how to use your gnocchi. You could just make a lovely vegetable mixture, like a ratatouille style dish, and serve that with some of your delicious home made vegan gnocchi’s.

gnocchi with sage, capers and garlic

This is my favourite way of eating fresh gnocchi. I made a little salsa of Olive oil, Capers, sage, garlic and lemon zest and juice, and tossed the gnocchi’s through that. Served on a bed of fresh spinach.

For the salsa take a good spoonful of capers (washed and dried) fry them in a bit of olive oil until they open. Add about 10 sage leaves, lemon zest and a large clove of garlic (sliced). When the garlic softens and the sage starts getting crispy, add a good spoonful of lemon juice. YUMMY! serve straight away.

Another one of my favourites!! I made a vegan cashew ‘cheesy’ sauce > see recipe. With the use of extra shallots, and white wine. I tossed all the gnocchi’s through the sauce. And separately pan fried some mushrooms with garlic, and added at the end some spinach. On top of the super ‘cheesy’ gnocchi. YUMMY!

I truly hope you will all enjoy your own gnocchi making. A great way to be creative and enjoy good food at the same time. Bone appetit! Please add @haricoco1 to your home made vegan gnocchi creations, so we can all learn, share, and spread inspiration!

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