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Baked sweet potato, with amazing toppings!

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baked sweet potato

I love baked sweet potato, it is so versatile. A great nutritious lunch or dinner, which you can change and adjust to your likings, the seasons or your cupboard and fridge content 😉

Sweet potato is a staple food in so many countries, all over the world. It originates from South / Middle America, but it has found its divers uses all over our planet.

For this recipe I am baking the sweet potato, but please check out one of my other recipes with sweet potato if you are interested.

Toppings for baked sweet potato

I have used spiced chickpeas as my topping, because I believe the sweetness of the sweet potato pairs very well together with the naturally nutty flavours of the chickpeas.

I used aioli with chopped cucumber as a bit of a refresher for the spiciness of the spiced chickpeas, and the pomegranate seeds really balance a great fully flavoured meal with their juicy tartness, as a sort of sweet & sour topping. A true flavour explosion, and texture experience.

But, to give you some other ideas & inspiration on how to stuff your sweet potatoes , here are some good pairing ideas;

  • Black beans with a hot sauce, tahini with lemon juice & toasted sunflower seeds
  • quinoa or bulgur with lots of refreshing ingredients finely chopped, like, cucumber, courgette, tomato. Mixed with lime juice, and sprinkled with mint.
  • Go for the fully nutty flavours with mushroom, walnuts, and or chestnuts.
  • Avocado , chopped or mashed, with spice and lime (or lemon), topped with chives and some toasted pumpkin seeds

These are just to give you some idea on how versatile this vegetable is. It is easy to pair with different flavours.

If you want to enjoy your baked sweet potato as just a snack, you might want to just top it with a sauce, like;

Let me know what great combination you come up with. Add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, or comment down below.

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