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Baked potato with cashew sour cream

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A delicious lunch, small dinner or side dish. This Baked potato with cashew sour cream. It is so easy to make, and so comforting to eat. I like the sliced option of the potato as it gives more crunchiness to the whole experience. You could even serve this as a party snack, in which your guests can break off a slice of potato. In this case I wouldn’t drizzle the sour cream on top, but serve it along side in a small bowl to dip your potato slice in.

If you prefer the fluffy interior of a baked potato, than just go for a russet potato, and bake it the traditional way. Make a cross on the top and pour over your cashew sour cream.

Spice or herbs…

I have used in this recipe my favourite spice called, espelette pepper which comes from the south-west of France, the Basque region. It gives this beautiful warming spice heat, without being sharp. You can substitute this with Aleppo pepper, or smoked red pepper if you can’t find the other two.

But you can easily transform this dish into a very herby baked potato dish. You can use herbs in your oil mixture, like rosemary or thyme. Or you can add garlic to your baked potato. Maybe tarragon would work as well with the cashew sour cream, though I wouldn’t use tarragon in combination with the other herbs. There are endless possibilities flavour wise.

Which wine to have with a baked potato and cashew sour cream?

wineglasses photographed from bottom

I wouldn’t necessarily reach out into an expensive cellar for enjoying it with a baked potato. But keep it simple, like the dish. Go for an acidic white wine, like a Pinot Grigio or a Vermentino. keep it simple, fresh and cheap.

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