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Almond briouats, Sweet and crunchy

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almond briouat
almond briouats

Sweet almond briouats

In Morocco you can find many versions of briouats. They can be filled with meat, seafood, or like this one with a sweet almond paste. Traditionally they are fried, but in this recipe I used the slightly ‘lighter’ cooking technique by baking them in the oven.

Sweet snacks are a big part of Moroccan culture. So at any time of the day, or month of the year sweets are on the table. Sweets with breakfast, as a snack and/or as dessert. Thus for the sweet tooth’s among us Morocco is the place to be!

These almond paste filled briouats are covered in maple syrup and pistachio nuts. The interior is deliciously gooey. Therefore a great afternoon snack to be enjoyed with fresh mint tea.

For the pastry I have used ready made brick pastry. But of course if you feel motivated you can make your own warqa, the traditional pastry.

If you are planning to make your own almond briouats and use this recipe, please add @haricoco1 to your instagram post, I always love to see your creations.

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These almond briouats are part of my series; ‘Travels of taste‘. We use our taste buds to travel the world. Meet other cultures through food. Today we head for Morocco. Strolling around the hustle & bustle of the souks, discovering all the flavours Morocco has to offer, check out my full Moroccan ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> Morocco – the flavours of the souks.

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