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Ajo Blanco, Try the original & best Spanish gazpacho

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My favourite cold soup is Ajo Blanco also known as white gazpacho. It is actually the original gazpacho of Spain, it existed way before the tomato gazpacho we all know. The Spanish Ajo blanco is not only garlic as the name might suggest, but a mix of almonds, garlic, and bread.

For me the most important feature of this soup is the olive oil. Only use high quality olive oil, it makes such a difference to this soup. It is very easy and quick to make, but keep it mind that it will need a good amount of chilling in the fridge. And in my opinion the longer the better.

As you can read in my ‘notes’ in the recipe, you can use different fruits in the soup. Originally there was no fruit at all in the soup, but as our palates changes, our dishes change.

What shall we drink with a ajo blanco?

glass of rose wine on wooded table

I think of an Ajo Blanco, and I think of Rosé!! Maybe it is because I tend to eat Ajo Blanco’s in the summer, which in my area means Rosé time. But giving it a second thought, a dry fruity Rosé does just go extremely well with this soup. If you want to stay in Spain an Amontillado sherry, would match very well. Or go for bubbles! Champagne or a good Cava would go beautifully! Cheers!

Play around with the different suggestions, and discover your own favourite. Let me know what you came up with. I am always very curious about your creations, and would LOVE to see your pictures. Add @haricoco1 to your Instagram posts. Thanks, And ENJOY!

This Ajo Blanco recipe is part of my new series; ‘Travels of taste‘. We use our taste buds to travel the world and discover the use of our senses and imaginations to meet other cultures through food. So today we find ourselves around the Mediterranean. If you are ready to imagine yourself travelling around the Mediterranean while sensing its salty air & hot summers and tasting its incredible variety of fresh food. Check out my full Mediterranean ‘travels of taste’ post; >>> The Med; Olive oil, herbs & fresh produce.

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