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Try this African peanut stew, rich & nutritious

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african peanut stew

I have probably already told you a millions of times, how much I love anything with peanuts in it. So no wonder I always end up making recipes with peanut butter, or peanut sauce. Like this delicious and nutritious African peanut stew.

This recipe came to life using the left overs from my sweet potato dahl dish. I always use my leftovers, and I always try to make them slightly different by adding some different ingredients, and sometimes it just works magic, and it deserves a place on its own. This is exactly what happened with this peanut stew, which definitely deserves a separate mentioning.

So there we go, we have all the goodness from the sweet potato, and the lentils. But this time topped up with all the goodness from peanuts.

How to serve this peanut stew?

You can of course decide to not stir in the rice at the last moment, but to keep the rice separate as the accompaniment. But I preferred to serve the stew together with the rice mixed in on a chapati.

If you haven’t tried making your own chapati’s yet, check out my ‘love for bread‘ page. There you will find a very easy, quick and delicious chapati recipe.

Drink pairing…

two glasses of white wine

This dish is sweet, creamy (because of the peanut) and very lightly spiced. So I would try to pair it with an aromatic white.

Think of an Alsatian pinot gris (not the dry Italian pinot gris), or a gewurztraminer. But what might work very nicely as well is an off-dry vouvrey, either still or sparkling.

If you really want to take your pairing a step further, why not try an oloroso sherry. 😉

I hope you will enjoy this peanut stew as much as I do. Please add @haricoco1 to your instagram post. Or comment down below…

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