Welcome to Haricoco

Haricoco is all about;

you, me and the planet.

And how we will continue to enjoy ourselves and each other, in relation to food , wine, and all the other finer things in life. While living an environmentally conscious life.

You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy and indulge in plant based foods.

For me eating plant based is the easiest & most enjoyable life-style change in order to lower my carbon footprint.

With this site I hope I can inspire others to use more veggies.

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A bit about myself & why I started Haricoco

Since 20+ years I have been active in the tourism & hospitality industry in multiple countries and on multiple continents. I love working with people but even more so if it involves good food & good wine, or in general good produce. A foodie who wants to share the finer things in life, while continuously creatively evolving my path; In 2018 I completed a vegan-chef diploma course in the U.K. In 2021 I became a qualified wine professional. And currently I have become a lacto-fermentation addict.

2023 & 2024 I am focusing 100% on the beautiful world of cooking with microbes. Being introduced to the cooperation between microbes and us, it is like all my former interests and education all of a sudden come together. And I can’t wait to completely immerse in it.

And why plant based? In recent years the environmental situation and our necessary response has become ever more important and more urgent.

I love to cook fresh, local and seasonal. with lots of fresh herbs, and spices. I introduce lacto-fermented vegetables into my dishes which adds beautiful layers of complex acidity. I try to use a zero-waste policy in my kitchen, which became easier since I started fermenting. Always curious, and always searching for new sustainable ways of cooking and managing a kitchen.

Even though I mostly eat plant based food, I am not a vegan. With this website I want to show that eating plant based is not a sacrifice, even for foodies. Plant based food can be as delicious as omnivorous food.

“The presumption that more sustainable consumption always involve sacrifice rather than improve well-being needs challenging”

– Kate Soper