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You don’t have to be a vegan to enjoy plant based foods!

HARICOCO is for ALL foodies

African peanuty stew ingredients

Comforting Soups

One of my Favourites,… Soups! Here you will find many different vegan soup ideas. From a classic Minestrone , a warming stroganoff or a cold spanish favourite the Ajo Blanco. Possibilities and personal adjustments are endless.

Lunch & dinner

Most of my recipes are to be found here. Want to narrow it down? use the search option; for a specific ingredient, or cooking style. Currently my most popular vegan recipes are the Moroccan vegan bastilla, and the classic French Ratatouille.

Condiments & Sauces

These recipes are definitely the ones to embrace for hosting moments. Easy, quick and delicious! And to always have something at hand, check out my special vegan mayonnaise, which you can keep up to a month in the fridge!


My top tips & latest news


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Why & How it all started

Don’t follow a path,

instead,… create your own!

Nicole Schoofs is the founder of Haricoco. Dutch born but (mostly) living on the Mediterranean. As a vegan trained chef & qualified wine professional, she believes in good food & good wine, While keeping our planet in mind!

Her focus is on;

  • Local & seasonal produce
  • Cooking with microbes (fermentation)
  • Zero (low) waste kitchen management
  • Most importantly, the enjoyment in creating and tasting!

Not a vegan, neither a vegetarian. But a non-speciesist, who enjoys plant based foods.

Live, Love, cook & Enjoy